Taking it to the #APOmax

A record 75 concert virgins were part of an enthusiastic audience for our #APOmax programme. Continuing our proud tradition of promoting the music of young composers, we presented our 16th world premiere in 15 years: Max Charles Davies’ The Way of Things. The piece was well-received, particularly the searingly beautiful opening flute cadenza, that was presented as if an encore to Nielsen’s Flute Concerto by soloist Nicola Loten, only to morph into the new work unannounced.

Max’s delightful Tiny Symphony opened the programme, which concluded with Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No.1, ‘Winter Daydreams’. Here’s a short video with some mobile phone footage taken from one of our players who was unable to play in this particular concert. Obviously, the sound quality isn’t terrific from a phone camera, but it gives a great view of percussionist Chloe Beaumont playing the anvil (!) at the end of The Way of Things, as well as the exhilarating conclusion of the Tchaikovksy.