APO “Concert Virgin” scheme

We really love classical music and reckon that the sight and sound of an live orchestra is something to behold. So, to encourage people who’ve never been to an orchestral concert to give it a try, our famous Concert Virgin scheme offers free tickets to newcomers to classical music *. Details of how the scheme works are below.

Why have a Concert virgin scheme?

People who’ve never experienced live classical music often say things like this:

  1. Classical music is an acquired taste and is only for older/posh people.
  2. You have to know a lot about the music to enjoy it.
  3. Classical music can only be enjoyed by adults. It’s not for children.
  4. The orchestra dress up formally for a concert, therefore the audience have to come in their best, too.
  5. An evening of classical music is long and boring.

Well, to explode those myths in turn:

  1. It really doesn’t take much to ‘acquire’ a taste for classical music. All sorts of people from all walks of life enjoy it. As for being old and posh – we’ll we’re mostly young(ish!) and we’re certainly not posh!
  2. Some people like to know about the music they’re listening to, it’s true. But classical music can be enjoyed on all sorts of levels. With our accessible programme notes we provide just as much information as you need – which might be none if you just listen to the music for what it is!
  3. Very young children may, like most activities involving sitting down for a period of time, find a concert a bit much. That said, we’ve welcomed children as young as 8 to our concerts before, and they’ve enjoyed them (we asked them – one of them even said he enjoyed watching the man at the front waving his arms around!).
  4. This is complete nonsense! We dress up because it’s fun to – as you would for a night out or a wedding. The audience can wear what they like (and they do!)
  5. Most concerts start at 7:30pm and end at about 9:30pm. This is less than most films at the cinema, with 3 distinct advantages. Firstly, all the action is live in front of you. Secondly, there’s an interval where you can get a cup of tea (or something stronger, especially if you’re the conductor!). Thirdly, you don’t have to sit through a load of trailers before the entertainment begins! We also do shorter concerts more suitable for families, with a relaxed attitude to movement and noise!

Don’t just take our word for it – take part in our Concert Virgin scheme and give it a try for free!

How the scheme works:

  1. Turn up and say you’re a concert virgin.
  2. Collect your free ticket.
  3. Sit back and enjoy the concert from your free seat!
  4. Fill in a brief survey at the end of the concert, to let us know what you thought!

That’s it! It’s that easy.

For more details about the scheme, please contact us.

* This scheme obviously relies on the goodwill of our audience not to bankrupt the orchestra! Please do not take advantage of the orchestra by applying for the Concert Virgin scheme if you’re not a genuine Concert Virgin! Thank you!