Voluntary Contributions

APO does not charge a subscription but we do ask members for a small donation (£25 per person, or whatever you are able to afford) for each concert. This can be paid online for the season or by concert using the link below, or by cash, PayPal or chip and pin during rehearsals. We have a preference for payment via the website which helps keep transaction costs to a minimum, but we can be flexible for whatever suits you best. As a registered UK Charity you are also able to Gift Aid on your donation. By making donations with Gift Aid the Orchestra are able to turn every £1 into £1.25.

Your voluntary contributions help to pay for music and venue hire, tutors and the numerous other costs of running the orchestra. They mean that we can continue to play exciting pieces and to support our innovative ‘Young Composers’ scheme. Here are just a selection of things that we are doing this season:

  • Continuing our Concert Virgin scheme that allows people who have never seen an orchestra live to come to our concert for free
  • Encouraging budding young composers with our unique Young Composers Award
  • Allowing members who are unable cover the costs of playing in a orchestra to continue playing