APO at 20: favourite moments

APO’s inaugural concert was way back in October 2002. Since then, hundreds of players and thousands of audience members have experienced the ‘APO buzz’, as we strive to bring orchestral music to as wide an audience as possible, dispelling myths and breaking down barriers to its enjoyment.

As we build up towards our 20th anniversary concerts on Saturday 29th October (see the next events page for details), we’ve been asking APO members to share their favourite moment from the last twenty years. We’ll keep adding to this page in the run up to the anniversary.

Some memories will be written, some spoken and some described in videos.

Andrew’s favourite APO moment – ‘Aufersteh’n!’
Margaret’s favourite APO moment – at the station

Violinist Margaret Pearson has written with her favourite memory. She says, ‘It was the first time when we played at Reading station on “the bridge”. It was such a fun occasion and involved the participation of members of the public.’

This was back in the summer of 2017, when we presented out ‘Route to the River – Schumann at the Station event.’ We suspect a lot of members will have fond memories of this brilliant occasion, especially the now legendary conducting relay!

Helen’s favourite APO moment – Jupiter’s grand conclusion
Eleanor’s favourite moment – anvil antics!
Michael’s favourite moment – sublime Mahler