Video – emotional evening of epic Mahler

Playing to a packed audience of nearly 350 in the Great Hall of the University of Reading, the combined forces of APO, mezzo-soprano soloist Harriet Kirk, Universal Voices children’s choir and the APO Singers (largely made up of Tamesis Chamber Choir) – over 130 performers in all, presented all 100 minutes of Mahler’s Third Symphony on Saturday evening.

The audience reactions were memorable: gasps of excitement at the end of the first movement, surprise at the offstage drums and flugelhorn, delighted faces at the wonderful singing, tears at the tender beauty of the finale and a long silence after the final, resonant chord dissipated, followed by warm applause and ovations, particularly for the many fine solo contributions.

It will be an evening that lives long in the memory and hearts of all who were there.

Tickets are now available for our next concert in the Great Hall, on Saturday 2nd February 2019, when APO will present ‘Music of Desire’, featuring works by Debussy, Saint-Saëns, Ravel, Wagner and the world premiere of APO’s latest commission, by Laura Shipsey.