BBC South Today feature on APO’s Covid19 crowdfunder

BBC South Today’s Peter Henley interviewed professional harpist, Sally Pryce, and APO Music Director, Andrew Taylor, about our crowdfunding project to put on a post-Covid19 restrictions concert, but pay our musicians now.

We think Peter did a great job of getting across the financial problems facing musicians. Many of them are falling through the cracks in government support, either because they supplement their modest performing income with some PAYE teaching, or perhaps because they’ve taken maternity leave, meaning their earnings for the last three years (upon which support is calculated) are much lower than normal. Either way, we’re hearing a lot of stories about the HMRC ‘computer says no’.

We’ve just a week to raise the remaining £4,500, else the project won’t go ahead, so if you’re able to donate and/or spread the word, we’d be so grateful.