APO’s summer of festivals concludes with Down at the Abbey

Having already performed at the ‘Are You Listening?’ and Reading Fringe Festivals, this summer, musicians from APO will once again be performing a set at an auspicious festival in Reading.

On Saturday 7th September, a quintet of APO string players will take part in the ‘Down at the Abbey’ festival, in the haunting surroundings of the Reading Abbey ruins. In a combination of solo, duet and quartet formats, they’ll be presenting an atmospheric set on the acoustic stage, combining music from the time of Reading Abbey’s construction in the 12th century, through to elegiac 20th-century music lamenting its destruction.

We’ll create a page with details of the set, in due course, and will update this post with a set time, once we have it confirmed.

In the meantime, if you’d like to see APO’s string soloists, along with a host of other great acts, tickets are available here: https://www.readingarts.com/tickets-reading/whats-on/down-abbey