APO receives nominations for Reading Cultural Awards

We’re delighted to already have been nominated in the ‘Made in Reading’ and ‘Performance of the Year’ categories of the Reading Cultural Awards 2018. We had a great time at last year’s inaugural awards, where APO Young Composer Award winner Alice Knight won the ‘Young Talent’ category. This year’s awards are held in June, nominations can be made until 20th April and this year’s awards are for activities and events between 1st April 2017 and 31st March 2018. APO activities within this period include:

  • Route to the River; Schumann at the Station in July 2017 – view the video from the event here
  • An octet of wind soloists performing at the official Reaffirmation of Friendship ceremony between Reading and Düsseldorf, also in July 2017 (see right)
  • Our very well-received concert with Tamesis Chamber Choir in October 2017 – view a clip from that concert here
  • The world-premiere of #APOdances in January 2018, which you can hear here!

Over the period for nomination, well over 100 people have come to our concerts for free thanks to our Concert Virgin scheme, which offers free tickets to anyone who’s never heard a live classical concert.

Although we’ve been nominated already, it would obviously be lovely to receive further nominations in these and other categories, so head for the awards website if you feel inspired to speak up for us!