APO prepares for two special events

We’re getting ready for two special events within two days of each other, which will round off our 15th season in style! On Thursday 20th July, an octet of APO wind soloists will perform at the official reaffirmation ceremony for the twinning of Reading and Düsseldorf, with performances of works by Mendelssohn (who was the city’s opera director for a short time), Holst (who taught at the University of Reading) and Mozart (who has no direct connection aside from his music resonating everywhere!).

Then, on Saturday 22nd July, at 1.30pm, an orchestra will magically appear on the transfer deck at Reading Station. At first, there’ll be nobody to conduct them, but a sign saying ‘CONDUCT US!’ will be placed in front of the orchestra, and the orchestra will await brave members of the public to take to the podium. Then, performances of two Schumann symphonies and two brand new works, one of which is by Reading Cultural Award winner Alice Knight (see below).

It’s all part of our very informal event, ‘Route to the River; Schumann at the Station’, part of the ARENA 2017 programme (supported by Reading Business Improvement District) and the Reading Fringe Festival. The approximate timetable for the event is below. You don’t need a train ticket (unless you’re planning to board a train!) – just ask the gateline staff to be let through to event.

All timings are approximate:

  • 1.30-1.50pm – CONDUCT US!
  • 1.50pm – world premiere of ‘River Image’ by Derri Lewis
  • 1.55pm – performance of Schumann’s Fourth Symphony (in the revised edition he completed in Düsseldorf)
  • 2.25pm – world premiere of ‘Interwoven’ by Alice Knight
  • 2.30pm – break
  • 3.15pm – CONDUCT US!
  • 3.40pm – second performance of ‘Interwoven’ by Alice Knight
  • 3.50pm – second performance of ‘River Image’ by Derri Lewis
  • 3.55pm – performance of Schumann’s Third Symphony (the Rhenish – after the River Rhine, which flows through Düsseldorf)