Partita by Jim Attewell(Click on the image to open a larger version of the picture in a new tab)


jimThis piece is part of an ongoing series called Painting/Drawing. I purposely use cheap materials such as lining paper, gouache, wax, inks, graphite and household paint, to make images in a free and abstract way. Other works in the series are often developed by tearing up earlier drawings and then re-working until a final image appears – or often not, as many attempts fail to develop at the time. These are not usually thrown away, but kept for use another day and this is seen as part of the process. There are many influences at play in the Painting/Drawing series and they include ideas about the relationships between the arts, such as this statement (by Walter H Pater) that ‘all art aspires to the condition of music because…the end is not distinct from the means, the form from the matter, the subject from the expression’.


Age 21 – Royal College of Music

MaeveI am currently in the second year of my bachelor‘s degree at the Royal College of Music and I have been a cellist with the Aldworth Philharmonic for several years. I chose this  particular piece of art work because I think there is a lot of movement and expression within the piece. Ink can be a difficult medium to work with and is often hard to control which is something I wanted to work into my own music. There is also a lot of contrast in the colour of Jim‘s work which is something I have tried to convey in my own piece with lyric oboe lines interrupted by stabbing chords in the brass and strings. I wanted to keep this piece fairly small and intricate as Jim‘s work is full of layers of thought and detail which comes from the process in which he works.