Two Entangled

Two Entangled - print from lino cut by Mark Andrew Webber

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This piece is based around the idea of complex images being able to come about from simple beginnings, also from my enjoyment of detailed images. I take a rule like draw a line from one point to another and repeat, then a type of preplanned pattern can arise that seems designed yet is not. Much of nature seems to be based on relatively simplistic rules that just play out and create the world around us. Like fractal images too, an equation can create an infinitely detailed image. This piece is carved from linoleum and printed.


Age: 18 – University of Birmingham

RobHolmesI am a first year maths and music student at the University of Birmingham having previously attended Reading School. I’ve been composing since I was very young, but taking music at school and the composition aspect of this was what inspired my interest in writing my own music. It is definitely still the area of my subject I enjoy the most. I am a pianist who plays predominantly by ear, and I generate all my ideas through improvisation and experimentation. The artwork I have chosen appealed to me as a very logical and methodical way of working. Following a set of rules and patterns, perhaps appealing to the mathematician in me, and finishing with something that is extremely creative. I think that a lot about composing reflects this process by adhering to certain conventions and producing original ideas. I also felt the work had a flowing quality which suited the romantic influences present in my piece, placing an emphasis on melody and lyricism.