Interwoven ‘pick up song’ exercise

This page is a preview of a longer blog post containing some thoughts about inner pulse and some exercises to help develop it, especially in 7/8 time!

In the meantime, please don’t share it beyond APO members.

Here’s a little excerpt from ‘Interwoven’ scored on the piano. It’s useful for two reasons: a) because it gives us a clue as to the composer’s desired tempo (quaver = 240) – much slower than we ended up at last Sunday’s rehearsals (more on that in the blog post) and b) because it will hopefully inspire the violins to practise those tricky semiquavers!

Now, here’s a version with every other bar missing. Try two things:

  1. Sing along to it, filling in the missing bars.
  2. Sing along to it in your head, filling in the missing bars.

Even better (and with a hat tip to ‘I’m sorry I haven’t a clue’), here’s a version with several bars missing. Again, try singing it all, then doing it in your head.

How did you get on? Hard, isn’t it? Please comment on the Facebook post in APO Players and keep an eye out for the full blog post tomorrow, which will include exercises to (hopefully) improve your inner pulse.