APO informal string repertoire workshops

Following the success of presenting a small string ensemble at the Are You Listening? Festival, in April 2019, APO has started a rolling programme of informal string repertoire workshops. These are open to all string players of all abilities!

How do they work?

From time to time, we hold a session lasting 3 hours (with a healthy break for socialising!) on a Saturday or Sunday, to informally read through and learn string repertoire from a library of music owned by APO.

The sessions are directed by APO’s Music Director, Andrew Taylor, and leader, Mel Le Breuilly. All string-playing members of APO are welcome to attend, but the sessions are also open to non-APO members, and of all abilities – making it a great environment for younger string players or beginner adults to get playing confidence alongside more experienced players. There is no obligation to attend each session, though we do ask players to indicate if they plan to attend, so that we can confirm that there is a critical mass by a set point before the event. It doesn’t matter if you can’t make a particular session, or even several sessions. You can dip in and out as you like, depending on your availability.

What music do we play?

Current repertoire:

  • Warlock – Capriol Suite
  • Holst – St. Paul’s Suite
  • Grieg – Holberg Suite
  • Elgar – Serenade for Strings
  • Tchaikovsky – Serenade for Strings
  • Owen – Romance
  • Purcell – Suite from Abdelazer

The aim is to play through the entire library every few sessions, without necessarily rehearsing anything in detail, though reads of new repertoire inevitably take a bit longer.

How much does it cost?

We ask players to make a donation towards the cost of the sessions, covering venue hire, the purchase of music and guest conductors. Our suggested minimum donation is £10 per session (you are welcome to give more!). You can make donations via this page.

Are there any performances?

Not at the workshops, which are completely informal (friends and family are welcome to listen in). Regular attendees/more confident and experienced players may be invited to perform at separate events by Andrew and Mel. These performances will require additional rehearsal time, but hopefully by having a core repertoire ‘under our fingers’, it won’t take long to whip things into shape.

When and where are the workshops?

Workshops for 2023 will be announced soon!