Rehearsal Schedules

Detailed rehearsal schedules

For May 18th 2019 concert

Click here for the detailed rehearsal schedule for the May 18th 2019 concert


Provisional rehearsal schedules

For July 20th 2019 – Reading Station, afternoon (times tbc)

Name Date Timings Venue Type of rehearsal
Rehearsal 1 14th July 1030-1630 RBCS Tutti
Friday Rehearsal 19th July 1930-2145 RBCS Tutti


For October 19th 2019 concert at The Great Hall, University of Reading (London Road Campus), 7.30pm

Name Date Timings Venue Type of rehearsal
Music pick up session tbc tbc tbc Pick up music
Rehearsal 1 14th September 1400-1630 tbc Tutti
Rehearsal 2 15th September 1030-1630 tbc Tutti am



Sectional pm

Rehearsal 3 6th October 1030-1630 tbc Tutti
Rehearsal 4 12th October 1400-1630 tbc Tutti
Rehearsal 5 13th October 1030-1630 tbc Tutti
Friday Rehearsal 18th October 1930-2130 tbc Tutti
General Rehearsal 19th October 1330-1700 The Great Hall Tutti