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Online project #1 – Beethoven 5 finale

Join us as we explore the finale of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony through two workshops, with time for practice in between! For more details of how the workshops will work, head for this news item.

Each workshop will be run twice: once on a weekend day and once on a weekday evening. You need only attend one of each workshop (though you can come to all four if you’re really keen!)

The workshops are free (though you can make a donation to APO here, if you like). You don’t have to be an APO member, but if you’re not we will ask you to name an APO member during registration so that we can check you’re not one of those rare nasty people who infiltrate online events for sinister reasons. If you’re under 18, you will need an adult to be present in the room with you for the entire workshop.

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