APO seeks principal bassoon and principal horn

APO is inviting applications for the positions of principal bassoon and principal horn. Applicants need to be an experienced orchestral player with an advanced level (post grade 8/diploma) of instrumental technique. This includes being able to play with confident sound and tuning across your instrument’s range, but particularly in the higher parts. You’ll also have a rhythmic discipline, a strong inner pulse and musical awareness that supports connection with the wider ensemble. You’ll display an appropriate level of assurance and poise, helping your section to play securely, using breathing and gesture to lead, when appropriate.

Nobody expects perfection from any player, let alone ones who are practising for APO in their spare time. As such, even though you’ll be seeking continual improvement, you’ll be able to analyse your performance to have an awareness of your limitations, being able to work on them without undue stress and anxiety. You’ll have a positive relationship with your section, other players and the conductor, choosing the right moment and communication method to flag any issues and offer feedback, during and outside rehearsals.

In conjunction with the music director and assistant music director, you’ll be responsible for fixing your section and allocating parts in a timescale that suits the players, according to the wind pool and reserves list process (which means that while you’ll have soon decision making agency, you won’t always play the first parts and will share them with capable players from your section). You’ll set an example by being well prepared for rehearsals, coordinating preparation and practice activities with your colleagues. Although you may need to miss the odd rehearsal or concert, you’ll aim to play in most and to coordinate the section so that there is consistency of rehearsal attendance, with well-prepared deps booked well in advance to cover unavoidable absences. 

Suitable applicants who are not known to APO’s music directors will be invited to audition. If you are interested in applying, please contact the music director, Andrew Taylor, via the button below.